Our Focus


Principal aims of the STPA CR
– more flexible transfer of scientific and research results into the production practice and gradual overcome of technological falling behind

– achievement of better competitiveness both in domestic and foreign markets

– increase in efficiency of Czech research and development institutions regarding practical   products

– strengthening of prospective, technically progressive production programs on account of   outdated and inefficient processes, gradually solving in this way structural economy changes, especially in problematic regions

– revitalization of economy in certain regions by simultaneous creation of employment opportunities

– establishment of small and medium sized innovation companies

– education and training for innovation entrepreneurschip

– domestic and international cooperation of science and technology parks

Primary goals of the STPA CR
– registration of interest and initiative of various organizations and individuals to build up STP or innovation firm and providing them with fast orientation and special assistance

– securing support of central administration organs with appropriate powers for development of economy, especially of those responsible for utilization of practical results of scientific and technological research, development of individual industrial branches, development of regions, economy restructuring, for privatization and employment policy in regions characterized by substantial reduction of inefficient manufacture or agriculture

– linking and cooperation with financial institutions, saving and investment banks, capital and material investors, activation of domestic innovation markets and linking to networks established for technology transfer and know-how information, technology databases and marketing data sharing

– proposals for distinct legislative or systemic measures aimed at overcome of barriers for innovation firms and centers

– completion of privatization process also in creative fields

– enabling of fast startup for companies or groups of firms that do not have necessary space, equipment, and sufficient starting capital but do possess sound and prospective intellectual property

– reduction of risk issuing from still insufficient entrepreneurschip, commercial, financial and legal experience of beginners in innovation business

– securing consultancy, technical, educational and training services

– reduction of fixed costs for execution of necessary functions provided by parks for their clients

– dissemination of knowledge and positive experience in innovation enterprising using press, radio and television programs as well as specialized seminars and lectures. Mediation of consultations by experts and contacts with various institutions

– acquisition for STP membership among interested and influential personalities and institutions

– contacting and acquisition for cooperation in innovation entrepreneurschip with foreign partners and international institutions

– establishment of working national STP CR network and its linking with international organizations