SPICE Update No.119 February (Únor) 2016

In this Update:

Entrepreneurship Hotspots: A look at Dresden, Germany 8

Business Incubation Global (BIG) Leadership Summit 2

Heading Global – international conference in Kuwait 4

Africa offers many Opportunities for Innovative Technology Businesses 13

Caribbean Climate Innovation Center Jamaica moving Forward 5

Do Entrepreneurship Ecosystem need Venture Capital, Accelerators or Incubators? 2,3

Berlin: New co-working facility with a special flavor 11

The newsletter contains a guest writer report by Ingrid Rosten and an interview with Bertram Dressel 4, 7

New on SPICA World Map: Belgium, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Jamaica, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and USA (see page 12) Reports from Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Germany, Guinea, Jamaica, Kenya. Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Morocco, Netherlands, Qatar, Senegal, Switzerland, and USA.

Dear Member and Reader,

In this newsletter we continue our series aimed at bringing hidden gems” to the light of day. This mainly to illustrating that not only globally known and discussed places have infrastructure for promoting startups and entrepreneurship. This time we have added Dresden, Germany to the series providing some spotlights on the startup support in the Capital of Saxony. And there are many more articles worth reading – always with short information, contacts, and links for further details – and more is always available in the SPICA Directory Profiles.

Jaroslav Lakomý

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